Needle Holder

Arrruga’s, Silcock’s, Kelt’s, Steven’s Needle Holder

  • “Large needle” holder viz Superior rectus needle.
  • Available with or without lock
Needle Holder
Needle Holder lock and unlock condition.



  • For passing Superior Rectus (bridle) suture & inferior rectus suture in Cataract Surgery
  • Bridle suture: Bridle = piece of instrument used to direct horse. So as bridle guides horse, bridle suture helps to guide ( & stabilize) eyeball during surgery

Complication related to this step (taking superior rectus/bridle suture)

• OCULOCARDIAC REFLEX : while passing suture through the muscle, vagal tone may gets activated => reduces heart rate => hence 0.6 mg Atropine is given intra muscularly half hour before surgery to abolish vagal reflex


  • Not useful for holding fine sutures viz 6-0 Vicryl in Squint surgery, 7-0/ 8-0 Vicryl in Retinal surgeries, 10-0 Ethilon in Cataract surgery.
    • VICRYL:
      • Polyglactin 910: made up of glycolic acid & lactic acid, coated with polyglactin 370 + calcium stearate : makes surface smoother – reduces tissue drag
      • Absorbable suture
      • Available as braided or monofilament
      • Undergoes hydrolytic degradation
      • Polyamide (nylon)
      • Non absorbable suture
      • Available as monofilament
      • Has stiff suture ends, hence it must be buried to avoid foreign body sensation.