Barraquer UNIVERSAL WIRE SPECULUM without solid blades

  • Its called UNIVERSAL since it can be used for both the eyes.
  • To retract eyelids & hold eye open during INTRA OCULAR SURGERY.
  • Self retaining
  • Light weight
  • Transmit very minimal pressure to eyeball
  • Disadvantage : It lacks blades which keep lashes away from field of operationBarraquer UNIVERSAL WIRE SPECULUM without solid blades


  1. Intra ocular surgeries : Cataract : SICS / Phaco, anti glaucoma Sx, squint Sx ( ideal is speculum with solid blades – to keep eyelashes away from operating field & screw – to get desired exposure) , vitrectomy, keratoplasty…
  2. Fundus examination of infants (for ROP: retinopathy of prematurity) since they can’t keep their eyes open on their own.
  3. Corneal foreign body removal
  4. Enucleation
  5. Not used in sclera buckling (Retinal detachment surgery) since deeper exposure not possible after applying it.