1.Barraquer UNIVERSAL WIRE SPECULUM without solid bladesBarraquer UNIVERSAL WIRE SPECULUM without solid blades

  • Its called UNIVERSAL since it can be used for both the eyes.
  • To retract eyelids & hold eye open during INTRA OCULAR SURGERY.
  • Self retaining
  • Light weight
  • Transmit very minimal pressure to eyeball
  • Disadvantage : It lacks blades which keep lashes away from field of operation…. -Read More-


2. Self retaining Barraquer UNIVERSAL eye speculum:Self retaining Barraquer UNIVERSAL eye speculum

  • Screw helps in giving desired exposure to the surgeon : it can be changed as per surgery / surgeon’s choice.
  • Use: in Scleral Buckling (retinal detachment surgery), requiring wide exposure.
  • Screw increases pressure over the eyeball, increasing IOP. Hence its not advisable in perforated cases.

3. Superior Rectus Holding ForcepsSR Holding Forcep

  • Toothed forceps
  • To hold superior rectus ( bridle suture ) & sometimes inferior rectus also while passing suture through it; to stabilize the eyeball during cataract surgery, glaucoma surgery, corneal surgery.


4. Arrruga’s, Silcock’s, Kelt’s, Steven’s Needle Holder :Needle Holder


  • “Large needle” holder viz Superior rectus needle.
  • Available with or without lock


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5. Needle holder v/s scissorneedle holder vs scissor


(a). Barraquer’s Spring action Micro Needle holder

(b). Conjuntival scissor / corneal scissor / section enlarging scissor

(c). Vannas’ spring action scissor

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