Describe drug in Viva

How to describe drug in Table Viva :

  1. Be calm & confident. Examiner not only checks your knowledge but also how confident you are in panic situations, exams viva is one of them. Because Doctors have to be stable & confident even in emergency which helps to take quick & correct decision.
  2. Hold the Drug given to you; take your full time to read details on the box.
  3. Don’t read half details & start answering; happens with 80% of students.
    • Viz Gatiquin P Eye drops. It is combination of
      • Gatifloxacin 0.3%, antibiotic
      • Prednisolone acetate, 0.1%, steroid
    • Most of you just read first component : Gatifloxacin & mention its use:
      • Corneal ulcer
      • Viral conjunctivitis
      • Chalazion

Now can you use steroid in above conditions…?? Infact its absolutely contra indicated. So read carefully & then speak.

  1. Always try to answer in proper format as below:
    1. Name : in big bold letters
    2. Contents : Turn box, you will get that : Each ml contains :
    3. Percentage of contents if mentioned, not mandatory for undergraduate students.
    4. Category / group to which it belongs: βblockers, mydriatics, fluoroquinolones, etc…
    5. If antibiotics, Acts on which spectrum of microbes, Gram POSITIVE, Gram NEGATIVE, Anaerobes, Fungus, Virus…
    6. Mechanism of action :
    7. Indications , Contra indications
    8. Advantages
    9. Side effects